The Immigration Of Mexico And South America Essay

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Poverty in Mexico and South America has been the cause of many immigrants going in search of other means to provide for their families. The United States population consists of four percent of undocumented immigrants and in 2008, 8.3 million immigrants made up the workforce (Androff et. al). Immigrants face many difficulties throughout Mexico as they try and reach the United States. As stated by the Mexican National Institute of Migration, there are hundreds of thousands of immigrants who cross the Mexican border totaling 400,235 immigrants each year (Gorney). The dangers of immigrants crossing borders to pursue the American Dream are staggering: extremely dangerous grounds, corruption, and devastating climate.
For many men, women and children who enter Mexico from South America, this entry will be the first dangerous crossing. If the immigrant is lucky he will make the cross in a month but for many others the crossing can take up to a year. Many immigrants will try and cross the border on top of trains or in between the freight carts (Sorrentino) jumping on and off seven to thirty trains within their journey (Nazario 50). As Sonia Nazario, author of Enrique’s Journey, said while she was conducting field work on the dangers of immigrants crossing on top of freight carts, many immigrants face the dangers of being thrown off the train by branches when passing under trees or worse, many will be thrown off by gangsters when they are ambushed on top of the freight carts. A child…

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