Essay on The Immigration Has A Huge Issue Throughout American History

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Brief History
Immigration has been a huge issue throughout American history. It continues to remain a topic of extreme pro et contra, being fueled by success stories of undocumented/unaccompanied youth who beat the odds, graduated college and have careers, as well as by sensationalizing incendiary commentary such as that of Donald Trump, who stated that Mexicans are nothing more than “drug dealers” and “rapists,” which further demonizes the Latino immigrant.
The United States experienced a major increase in immigrants during the colonial period, the 19th century, the 20th century, and the 21st century. During this time, America saw a surge of English and British immigrants migrating for religious freedom, wealth, and land. And once they were settled, slaves were immigrated by force in order to assist and aid them in their hard labor. By 1790, the United States government enacted the Naturalization Act of 1790, which allowed any free white person, but only white persons, to apply for citizenship. This meant that any non-white persons such as Indigenous peoples, African Americans, servants, and slaves were excluded from citizenship.
By the 19th century, masses of immigrants particularly Europeans, Asians, and Hispanics migrated to the United States. This great influx was due to the rise of disease in European countries as well as political unrest, the growth of industrialization in the United States, and the lure of intrigue and promise of gold in California. Eventually,…

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