Essay The Immigration And Economy Of The United States

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The Immigration and Economy of the United States
Economic globalization is a tendency, and it can move goods, services, technologies, and capital to achieve the cross-border cooperation. The United States is one of the world’s great economic countries and also is a nation of immigrants. For centuries, a lot of people from all over the world have left their homelands to come to America, and they believe in American Dream and come to work for a better life. In the process of struggling for their own lives, they have contributed much to America, and they are also called immigrants. However, now the immigration is a very controversial issue in American, and the both presidential candidates also proposed a series of policies about the immigration. Most of American generally believe their country no longer needs immigrants, and they can bring the decline of the public welfare and the job opportunities. There are some misunderstandings need to be explained, and the three facts of the immigration include increasing the national taxes, expanding the job opportunities, and reducing the life burden to help the U.S. economy.
First of all, the immigration can boost the government revenue to help the U.S. economy. America has a lot of immigrants, and the reason they want to come here is mainly for higher earnings than their original country’s income. Because every taxpayer should be imposed tax from the salary by the government, the large population of legal immigrants is equal to the…

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