The Immigrants Of Mexicans, Families And Students Essay

1877 Words Mar 15th, 2016 8 Pages
Before this course, I was familiar with the immigrant stories of Mexicans, families and students. After this class, I was able to learn about other stories of immigrants coming from Latin America, and Russia. Society already defines immigrants to be only Latino’s or people from Mexico but in reality, there are millions of immigrants who have ben in the United States and who are coming now from Russia, Korea, Canada, Syria etc. Just like the immigrants from Latin
American many of them are leaving their countries due to poverty, violence, lack of opportunities and the negative/unfair government. Being part of this class made me more aware of the other immigrants besides the ones I already knew about and how their stories are just as similar as ours. Being able to see different stories ranging for their reasons of leaving and migrating made me change my thought of why these people actually migrate. And once again to not take advantage of my own life and struggles because someone else has been through even worse. Transcribing Silvia Rodriguez’s interview allowed me to learn more about how the immigrant lives varying from states can change drastically. She was a young immigrant who came with her parents from a young age and now is part of a mixed family. She lived in Arizona the majority of her life, during the immigrant protests and activism Arizona has been one of the most difficult states for immigrants to live and to try to make a change. She explains how people…

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