Essay about The Immigrant Presence Of Native Americans

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Since the beginning of this states the immigrant presence was strong. The first group of immigrants to move here was Dutch they came here looking for beavers, but they settled because they saw potential in this land. Before Dutch move to here this was the home of Native American, the name they give to the land was Mannahatta (mean the land of many hills) but the Dutch named New Amsterdam. Nowadays New York is a big city full of immigrants, this people are from every corner of the world. People still seen potential in this place. People move here looking for a better life, they came full of hope but this is a rough place, when people move here a lot of them came with nothing and have to live in difficult situations, but even though they stay here and a lot of people still coming to New York looking a better live. A lot of immigrant experience have when they here (or any other country) are traumatic but all of us have to pass through it.
I never had to tell how was my life when I was living in Dominican Republic, that old life seen so distant now, but I think its important share my experience as immigrant. I born a Tuesday, December 7 of 1993. I grow up in the city always considered myself a city person. My childhood was a normal childhood the different was that my father move to New York when I was three, he called us three or four times per week. Because he had a good job here my mother and my brother enjoyed the typical middle class life, those years my brother and I…

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