The Imbalance Of Opportunity For Minority Groups Essay

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Racial segregation has left its mark on the economic balance between minority groups, and white individuals. Many areas populated by a majority of colored individuals have the least economic opportunity to escape poverty. The imbalance of opportunity for minority groups has placed them at a disadvantage created through the separation of races. White people were the only race who had wealth during the times of segregation, and they did not want to settle in poor communities, so they created their own communities that flourished and left all the minorities behind. Our government often focuses on helping more white based communities because they pay taxes, and taxes is what our government runs on. Communities of color have some of the worst infrastructure, and they have no possible way of acquiring the proper changes, due to the insufficient financial support of the government. Since the end of segregation, an abundance of struggling communities have been avoided because the government does not have enough funds to help them all . It seems to me that the government has a fear of investing so much money into poor communities and simply having a chance of repairing racially economic issues, rather than a certainty.
The poorest communities in the South are populated by a large number of African Americans, while the communities struggling the most in California are highly populated by Hispanics. In the article “California 's Drought is About Economic Inequality”, Laura Bliss…

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