The Images Of Domestic Violence Essay

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1 in 6 Australian women have experienced physical or sexual violence from a current or former partner.
This is an immense number of women, indicating that domestic violence is an exceptionally severe issue in Australian society, and awareness on the issue has been raised. Photo advertisement by Amnesty International and article by Susan Metcalfe were created in order to inform the reader or viewer of the horrors of domestic violence in the hopes that this flaw in society would eventually cease to exist through raising awareness on the topic.

Between the photo advertisement and the article, there are a variety of techniques used in order to convey their ideas. These techniques are not similar, with the photo advertisement using colour, people, a close up and a caption and the article using testimonial, imagery and cause and effect. Considering the difference between an article and a visual, the techniques being varied is normal, however the combination of these techniques together portray the same idea; that children are major targets of domestic violence.

Whilst both advertisements aim to raise sentience of the subject, they are targeted at varying audiences. The photo advertisement is aimed at the general public, specifically mature adults, with the intention that they become more aware of the topic of domestic violence. The photo advertisement is very straightforward, and confrontational with a clear intended message; this automatically makes the advertisement rather…

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