Women And Body Image Essay

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Do women feel pressured by society to look a certain way? The media portray women to look, act, and present themselves a certain way. Women are expected to have a skinny waist, big boobs, big, round butt, and have that “look” in what women wear. Children are being influenced by the toys they play with, for example, the toy has a skinny waist, plumped lips, big eyes, perfect blonde hair, and is also tall and skinny. Being fit and having a good body reflects on a person’s health, which is good because they are maintaining their body 's health, but women shouldn’t have to feel pressured into looking a certain way. Women are pressured to have “perfect bodies” because society advertises women in magazines and on television to look a certain way in the clothes women wear, and also by giving little kids an ideal image by the toys they play with. Media portray women to look, act, and present themselves a certain way. The figure of women’s bodies must only be so many inches wide, a …show more content…
Children play with dolls, for example, barbie’s and bratz. Barbie’s are these tall, small waisted, pretty faced dolls. Bratz are these tall, skinny, big eyed, big lips, fashionable dolls. Young girls are playing with these dolls and wanting to look like them.”5 Reasons NOT to Buy Barbie for Little Girls”, this article explains how barbie ruins ideal body images for young girls because it is unrealistic. They look at these dolls as idols and how they aspire themselves to look. Girls all across the globe are doing anything and everything to get that specific image. Girl’s are looking at these images as “beautiful”, “sexy”, and what the boys want and they will stop at nothing to get it. More girls are being diagnosed with anorexia, eating disorders, depression. Girls are even taking pills that are being advertised for “weight loss”, and they don’t even know what exactly it is doing to their

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