The Illusions Of The American Dream

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The American dream has been sold with false illusions to immigrants that are suffering in poverty countries. It’s sad to say that this false advertisement has gone on for many years. When immigrants hear about the American dream they fill up with hope in thinking about all the possibilities that will be offered to them when they arrive to America the land of the free. In having different opportunities that America can offer gives immigrants the chance to help their families back home with the living situation, bring in adequate food, and proving clothing. “…They were searching for opportunities to improve their lives and that of their families and they came to this country in search of the “American dream”(Rodriguez 10). Immigrants think that …show more content…
For example, Farmingville film presents a familiar American story in New York, on Long Island of an arrival of illegal immigrants crossing the border from Mexico. The illegal immigrants do the work that the locals won’t do for an extremely low-wage. The American labor market depends on the immigrants to do the work. The tensions arise with the resident of the community. The Anglo community had to encounter many new changes with the new arrival of immigrants. The violent hate crime that targeted immigrant men to be harmed for taking low paid job occurred in the community tore apart the town. “Lured to a basement under pretext of a job, Israel Pérez and Magdaleno Escamilla are brutally stabbed and beaten. It’s the kind of racist violence one might expect in another place and time, but not in a Long Island town like Farmingville”(Farmingville). Farmingville film shows the suffering that immigrants confront when facing racism. Another example, is Made in LA following three immigrant women through their fight for justice for their unpaid labor in sweatshops. “These three women, along with other immigrant workers, come together at L.A. 's Garment Worker Center to take a stand for their rights” (Made in LA). The fight lasted three years to win the labor protection from clothing retailer such as Forever 21. “Against all odds, these seemingly defenseless workers launch a very public challenge (a lawsuit and a boycott) to one of the city 's flagship clothiers, calling attention to the dark side of low-wage labor north of the U.S.-Mexico border and revealing the social fault lines of the new globalization” (Made in LA). The film reveals the impact of the struggle that each women encounter in their life as they are gradually transformed with experience. “Compelling, humorous, deeply human, Made in L.A. is a story about immigration, the power of unity, and the courage it takes to

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