The Illiteracy Of The Poor Class Essay

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In America there is a popular stigmatization of the poor classes. Some believe that personal choices determine economic outcomes, making those suffering from financial issues responsible. In the article titled The Stigmatization of Poverty in America: A Look at International Public Perceptions of the Poor, The U.S. even comes in last out of 23 countries when looking at the amount of public support offered in regards to government attempts in lessening the differences between the rich and poor, and 51% of Americans stated “lack of will” as reasoning for poverty, while 75% claimed it was “loose morals and drunkenness” (Morton). The information of this same article by Morton shows that Americans feel those receiving welfare don’t deserve it and Americans disapprove of the welfare system partially from beliefs that the system is abused (Morton). This said welfare system helps 50% of the population or 161.6 million people experiencing the effects of financial instability (Morton). Financial instability is very common in the United States and causes the increase in poverty percentages, leading to other issues like eviction and even homelessness. Poverty is discouragingly becoming more common in all corners of the United States. Between 2000 and 2012, the total percentage of those considered to be in poverty increased from 12.2 percent to 15.9 percent (Bishaw). In other words, the number of people in poverty in the country increased from 33.3 million to 48.8 million (Bishaw).…

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