The Illegal By Lawrence Hill Essay

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The Illegal, published in 2015 is a fictional novel written by Lawrence Hill. The novel was written in five years.It takes place in the year of 2018, the novel mainly focuses on a runner who is trying to escape his dictator run homeland.The reader, meets a young boy and His family the “Ali’s”. They all live together, the family of four consists of a Father, Mother, Son and Daughter. The Son, who is the main character is Kieta Ali. Keta is a marathoner from the fictional country of Zantoroland, an isolated island in the middle of the fictional Ortiz Sea. The Author Mr.Hill positions it in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Another much larger island close by is Freedom State. Freedom State, whose inhabitants ancestors, a century and a half ago, were slaves in Zantoroland whose hard work and labour built the third wealthiest economy on the planet. The book follows Keita and his family through their lives in the corrupt and disturbed nation of Zantoroland and their struggle to survive the gripping rule under their vicious dictator. The name of the novel itself, gives away much of the current issues and themes of the novel. “Illegal” “illegals” talks to the present day and the political fight to determine who belongs and who is “an illegal.” As well as social issues including race and discrimination and the movement of refugees across borders. The Illegal is a book no one will regret buying and a book once you open up will never leave your hand Hill creates a novel to be…

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