Essay about The Ill Feeling Of A Mother Addicted

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The Ill Feeling of a Mother Addicted to Pills I still remember the day I found out my mother was sick. It was not a disease doctors or medicine could cure. It was a disease one finds at the bottom of a pill bottle. My mother’s drug addiction was not only destructive to her, but it was destructive to her children. As a result, I was diagnosed with depression, turned to self-harm, and developed an eating disorder. I was living in a downward spiral until my father fought for custody. As long as I can remember my mother, was not a mother. When I was nine, she left my father. While he was a work event, she packed up the clothes that hung in the closets, organized our belongings in brown boxes, and neatly placed them in my grandparent’s truck. The only items left behind was the living room suite. I was leaving a place familiar to me. My mother, my sister Alexis, and my brother Quinton rented a white cottage style home, only blocks from the place I called home. Before the divorce was finalized, my mother started to see someone new, Mike. They did not spend much time at home with us kids, but they spent their nights at the bar. When the clock reads 1 A.M, my drunken mother would stumble in the door, making her way into the bathroom and grabbing for the pill bottle, taking a handful. I remember asking her, “Mom what are those for?” She shook her head and said, “I do not expect for you to understand, It’s my escape.” I went to sleep that night fearful my mom would not wake up.…

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