The Iliad Of Homer And Aphrodite Essays

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The Iliad of Homer offers a remarkable amount of valued verses, stories, and books within its entirety, with the encounter between Helen and Aphrodite in lines 3.383-446 being a prime example of one of those. Although a lot can be made from what happens in this short dialogue between Helen and Aphrodite, the two main points of emphasis that were most impactful for me, are the actions of the mortal Helen in her interaction with the highly praised goddess Aphrodite. As well as the second point of emphasis, regarding the human like qualities to which the goddesses exhibit. While there is much more to both the result and action to which these characters encounter, I think these two points of emphasis are significant to the outcome to which the The Iliad of Homer plays out. In lines 3.383-446 of The Iliad of Homer we are presented with an encounter between Helen and Aphrodite, that is truly significant, to not only the outcome of the book as a whole, but the background knowledge to which has led up to this encounter is of equal importance. The underlying resolution revolves around the underlying question of which “man” can pronounce Helen theirs, while also ending the cease to war between the Trojans and Achaeans, which has lasted a long ten years. While also establishing peace between the Trojans and Achaeans once and for all. The self-centered, Prince of Troy, Paris, has captured the beautiful Helen and brought her within the walls of Troy. As imagined, this deeply…

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