The Iliad And The Trojan War Essay

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“You often meet your fate on a road you take to avoid it” (French Proverb). Fate is an inevitable occurrence, we all have one. We all make decisions that eventually affect they way future things pan out. It is no different in a literary sense, in The Iliad you have a Trojan soldier named Hector who did not want to fight in the Trojan war. Hector decides to fight, but only for honor. “I have learned to be one of the best, to fight in Troy 's first ranks, defending my father 's honor and my own” (6. 466-469). Hector 's choice to fight in the Trojan war, even though he was opposed to it, ultimately leads to his death. Achilles is a soldier in the Trojan war who is vengeful and is looking to win for himself. In Genesis chapter four, Cain kills his brother Abel. Cain felt as if he was rejected by God, that his offering was not good enough, Cain becomes angry. God then asks “Why are you incensed and why has your face fallen? For whether you offer well or whether you do not, at the tent flap sin crouches and it is longing but you will overrule it” (Genesis 4). Cain then kills his brother Abel, he con-caved to the sin awaiting for him then eventually overcame it. God punished Cain by cursing him, but Cain prospered in different ways. Hector kills Patroclus, which infuriates Achilles. Achilles then seeks revenge on Hector because he is pained over the death of his friend. In both of these stories Cain and Achilles feel as if they have been wronged, so they seek revenge to make it…

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