Essay The Iliad And The Odyssey

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Between both epic poems by Homer; The Iliad and The Odyssey, the reader is able distinguish a variety of themes that set both stories apart. But there are also multiple instances where the themes of the poems overlap and actually build off of each other. This is where Homer is able to help the reader fully understand both stories by implementing themes through both poems and a multitude of characters and situations to help his message get across. One of the biggest similarities between both poems is actually the main theme in The Iliad; vengeance. As the poem starts “sing, goddess, the anger of Achilles” (Homer, “The Iliad” 4) the reader is able to understand that this poem will not be a story of happiness. This is also prevalent in The Odyssey with the vengeance that Odysseus receives from the sea God; Poseidon, for bragging about how the war that takes place in The Iliad was won without the help from the Gods (Homer, “The Odyssey”). Both examples of vengeance are used to establish the beginnings of both poems, this allows for an essential connection for the readers to understand the repercussions of one’s actions, and how emotions should not get in the way of the final goal. The largest difference in themes between both poems in the idea of loyalty. Loyalty; or the lack of, is seen several times throughout The Iliad. The most prevalent case would be with Paris and the kidnapping of Hellen (Homer, “The Iliad”). Whereas the complete opposite happens in The Odyssey, when…

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