The Iliad : Achilles Vs. Hektor Essay examples

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The Iliad: Achilles vs. Hektor
In the Iliad, Homer portrays the Trojan War and the siege of Troy. Although Homer is said to have written the epic in 725 BCE and the fall of Troy supposedly have happened almost 400 years before the epic was written, but people do take Homers word and hold them as truths. The Iliad focuses on a hero named Achilles and how he affects the war. Achilles was the greatest hero of Greece at the time, but the Trojans also had their own famous warrior named Hektor. Though these two hero’s may seem very different they have much in common.
Nearly nine years after the start of the war the Greek army captures two maidens from a city they defeated. As per customs, these maidens were spoils of war and were given to those who earned them. In this case, the maidens named of Chryseis and Briseis, were separated and given to Agamemnon, the leader of the Greek army, and Achilles who was the greatest warrior. Problems started occurring when Chryseis’ father, Chryses, offered a ransom to get his daughter back. Chryses, who was a priest of Apollo, prays to Apollo to send a plague to the Greek camp. As Agamemnon’s soldiers start to die off, he goes to see the prophet of Calchas to find the cause of the plague. When he learns that Chryses is the cause he gives up the maiden, and in return wants Achilles maiden in return. At this request Achilles is so furious, that he refuse to fight in the war. Achilles is furious enough to see the Greeks destroyed in the war…

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