The Ignorance Of The Rich Is An Ethical Crime Against Those Less Fortunate

1155 Words Sep 5th, 2016 null Page
Western civilizations continuing trend of raising children in a society that worships monetary value allows this group of young people to become susceptible to the practice of the idealization of personal goods. Furthermore, this exposure can transfer over into why many Americans pursue a career that will satisfy them correspondingly between salary and wants. However, with the over glorified feat of conquering a global economy, many american individuals still find themselves skipping over the collection plate intended for charitable goods. The practice of charity becoming undervalued in America’s powerful society creates a rip in the trickle down economy in which capitalism is rooted. Therefore, the importance of giving back is undermined by a greed filled hierarchy allowing for the rich to continue to accumulate wealth and keep the lesser out of the inner circle. The ignorance of the rich is an ethical crime against those less fortunate. When the public proposes the question of why celebrities do not feel conviction to give back. The answer reflected back is that the generationally wealthy simply have never faced a struggle finicalically. Meanwhile, the famous icons who did grow up in a less fortunate environment, tend to give back more often. Furthermore, this sense of knowing what it’s like to struggle comes with a form of conviction to help one another. However, there’s a difference between understanding a struggle and pitying the poor. For example, because of this…

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