The Igbo Tribe Of Southeastern Nigeria Essay

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Mythology in the Igbo tribe of Southeastern Nigeria
The Igbo tribe is a tribe that is found in in the West African country, Nigeria. I am a member of the Igbo tribe. My tribe is primarily located in the eastern region of the country, near the Niger River Delta. My people are predominately Roman Catholics but before the arrival of missionaries and evangelist, the Igbo was still very religious. They had their own traditional religion and it served them well. Religion is the center of Igbo culture, from birth to death most of the major milestones in a person’s life has a traditional and religious ceremony attached to it. The language that was used to transmit Igbo myth before the arrival of Europeans was the Igbo language. The Igbo language is a Niger-Congo language spoken by at least 25 million people both in Nigeria and abroad. Due to the lack of an efficient writing system and mass illiteracy before the colonists came, Igbo myth depended heavily on oral transmissions and due to that many of the stories are not known. Then even when the Igbos had a writing system, recording myth was difficult because the people that though the Igbo to read and write were mostly missionaries and they did not fancy Igbo traditional religion. Due to the major loss of the Igbo mythological stories, I could not conveniently compile all the stories together but I was able to come up with an overview of the major deities and concepts in Igbo myth. Myth in Igbo is Akiko Ifo or Akiko Ala which…

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