The Idiot Box: The Information Box Or Idiot Box

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Information Box or Idiot Box

How television was used, and its purpose for the world? Having probably surpassed the hopes and dreams of its creators, the television has made a huge impact on the lives of billions of people. The “boob tube” or “idiot box” was initially used to help advertisers sell their products; however, it has become a means of rapidly informing the world of current events and other forms of entertainment.
Widespread panic that took place in 2009 as the June 12th switch from analog to digital television loomed. The nation’s over-the-air analog stations were on the verge of going offline. Over 2 million Americans were unprepared for this situation, and President Obama believed fast action was necessary to insure no one
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Without television we would be lost but through patients and adjustments being made year after year from the 1920s to this year of 2015 just acknowledge the growth that has taken place. Although television has brought us the best of the world information it also has been abused by television shows and movies which have had a bad impact on this generations view of the world. So much killing and black on black crimes which are shown on television stations such as BET and MTV. Other television shows such as Naked and Afraid, which a camera is viewing people undressed in the forest while trying to survive off nature. Television definitely has a great effect on the mind but only we as older folks can stop this young generation from being a victim to what they are being influenced by what they are see on television. I honestly feel this is the reason for so many crimes and insane acts that has been taken place here in America. For example, you may have an older brother or sister you may look up to, looking up to someone is being influenced by that person. The person you look up to has the power to tell you to do something and the younger person who looks up to the older brother or sister will most likely be willing to do whatever that older one may ask of him or her. I view television this way; you may find a channel that has people shooting and committing crimes, the right eyes may see this and feel to be cool they have to do the same as they saw and it leads them the way to prison which is destruction television has caused. On the bright side of things television does give the world positive views so I’m not here to butcher television, but I am here to make sure you understand the impact it has on

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