The Ideology Of The Formation Of Bonds Essay

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Life revolves around the ideology of the formation of bonds (Darden). There are various types of bonds that are created in life. These bonds are for the living and nonliving. There can be bonds between animals, individuals, inanimate objects, and so much more. These bonds can form from numerous of things. They can form by having a necessity, which the necessity might determine one 's life or death. For example, hermit crabs search for their homes, which are shells, in order to keep them protected from the outside world. The inanimate object and the living creature have a bond, which the creature relies on the shell to protect it from harm. There are bonds, which inanimate objects rely on each other. A lake relies on a dam in order for it to have a body of water. When the lake and dam structure their bond, a chain of bonds will be created. When the lake has water, trees and animals can grow. When trees are developed animals may use trees to build their homes. When the animals are big enough others can hunt them for food. It is a chain of connections in life. The bonds can also be formed through a written language. For instance, the readers and the writers can create a connection amongst each other. The connection between readers and writers is formed when they both understand the necessary requirements for the bond to be present. If one fails to put their part, then the connection might not even happen.
The requirement for the reader is for them to take the extra step. When…

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