The Ideology Behind The Victorian Era Essay

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The ideology behind the Victorian Era is vast and extensive. When it comes to mind, most people conjure up images of elegant balls, fancy carriages, and romance. This might have been the case for some, but the vast majority didn’t get to bask in that picture. For the lower class, they were projected to make an annual income of only 25 pounds, while the aristocrats made up to 30,000 ( The Victorian Era began in 1837 when King William IV died, and Victoria took over the throne. It ended in 1901 when she died. Though she was a woman in highest form of power, this was not the norm for society at the time. She is an exception to the rule of that time. “The Victorian Era is associated with the ideology of ‘great men’” ( Men ruled in society and controlled all aspects of it. Men controlled politics, the household, finances, women, and all the respected jobs in society. Women’s roles were very much set into stone. They were the weaker and inferior sex on all accounts. Women were expected to keep up the home, support their spouse, or husband, and take care of their children. Not many women had the elevated and high lifestyle that the Victorian Era is associated with. Much of the women presided of lower class, and thusly had to work to help support her family. Many women, because of gender roles during that era knew what was expected and maintained that in order to not be ostracized and survive in their society. Women as a sex were expected to have an…

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