The Identity Disorder ( Disorder ) Essay

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Dissociate Identity Disorder (DID) is a disorder that tends to comes from severe, early childhood trauma such as physical or sexual abuse, which likely comes from a parent, neighbor, teacher or any other authority. DID patients deals with the issues by losing connection with the feeling and memories. The personality splits into separate identities which gives the some respite from their emotional pain. DID is a disorder that tends to stem from severe, early-childhood trauma – often from extended physical or sexual abuse, likely inflicted by a parent, neighbor, teacher or other authority figure (Fawcett, 2015).. As a coping mechanism, patients with DID “dissociate," meaning they lose connection with their thoughts and memories. Their personality splinters off into separate identities, or alter egos, allowing them some respite from their emotional pain (Fawcett, 2015).
The multiple identities exist at different times, which interferes with the disruptions in memory and consciousness, along with bouts of amnesia. When someone has DID at one moment that say something and all of a suddenly they begin to talk about something else that has nothing to do with the pervious communication (Fawcett, 2015). Typically, there’ll be a noticeable change in mood or manner, although experts say the process is nowhere near as dramatic or abrupt as portrayed on television or in movies (Fawcett, 2015).
There is no known fact when it comes to the causes of DID, the main psychological…

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