The Identification Of The Right Research Design Essay

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The identification of the right research design is critical for any research study. The research designs are frameworks to complete the research process on time like the project management framework that is used for managing and controlling complex projects to achieve critical milestones on time. It is important to control and manage variables in order to mitigate errors in various assumptions that are made to get best possible data. The experimental designs will provide a platform for evaluating the relationship between dependent and independent variables. The components of an experimental design are:
1. Manipulation – The researcher will change a variable of a group with some treatment and observe its impact on another group which is not treated in any manner.
2. Control – The results from manipulation of an variable using control mechanism will provide evidence for recording relationship between variables.
3. Randomization – Target subjects are selected from sampled population and assigned randomly to various groups of independent variables.

Experimental Designs

Experimental design will provide better control and minimize threats to validity. It is also possible to test cause and effect relationships in experimental design. There are some disadvantages with experimental design. It is not possible to manipulate all variables and some experiments are limited due to ethical reasons and technical limitations.
The experimental design is applicable, if the following…

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