The Ideas Of The American Revolution Essay

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”The words desperate fortune were more than once applied to you.”
- J. Brooks Before I took the class, I barely knew anything about American History. I knew that the ideas of the American revolution were astonishing for that period of time, or that America benefited from the lend-lease campaign during WWII, or that jazz was born in New Orleans. But I did not even think about the events, which led America to its incredible rise in XIX-XX centuries. To fill the blank space in my knowledge, I decided to start my exploration from learning the strange financial system of the United States. Therefore, my choice fell on Alexander Hamilton, the first Secretory of the Treasury. Having thought between two books about one of the father founders, I took the book with the best reviews I found. The reason behind this is that, basically, this book was the first one about Alexander Hamilton’s life in the recommended list – I tried my fate and did not regret it.
The author of the book, William Sterne Randall, is professor of history of the United States in Burlington, Vermont. The history of his will to write the biography of A. Hamilton is fascinating – after a dinner in 1993 in New York, dedicated to his published biography of Jefferson, he and his friends were discussing the America’s history through predictions of Jefferson and Hamilton. Randall thought that Jefferson was right about America ‘for the XVIII century, but Hamilton for more modern times’. In evidence of his thought,…

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