Essay on The Ideals Of The French Revolution

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While in debtors prison with her husband, she wrote her first book of poetry. The book was titled “Elegiac Sonnets.” Her experiences moved her to argue for legal reforms that would give women more rights. .Mr. and Mrs. Smith ended up divorcing and she began writing to provide for her children. Many of her novels portrayed her hardship in gaining custody of her children. Her later novels discussed the ideals of the French Revolution. “Charlotte Smith 's work was highly regarded by several contemporary male poets who have not been ignored by our literary establishment, and her work seems to have influenced theirs” (Brooks 13). Her work was praised by many, such as William Wordsworth, Samuel Coleridge, Sir Walter Scott, William Hayley, and William Lisle Bowles Towards the end of her life she wrote mostly instructive books for children. Around 1803 she fell sick and had to resort to selling the books she had authored to pay off her debts.
In many of Smiths works she used a method called “adaptive weave” this is threads that allows more understanding of Romantic period intersexuality. To define intersexuality is the need for one text to be read in the light of its allusions to and differences from the content or structure of other texts. The Romantic hero follows the pattern, in a standard novel, of someone who is imperfect and from his aspects he is warranted the hand of the hero. Smith’s novels give fame to the Romantic hero; however, she also complicates his role. In doing…

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