The Ideals Of Obama 's Foreign Policy Essay

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What are the ideals of Barack Obama’s foreign policy?
Throughout its development as a nation, the United States has established an aggressive identity when it comes to foreign relations and foreign policy. The United States has been noted to be very intrusive and opinionated when responding to ordeal occurring in neighboring countries which has often times led to coercion of war or international tension. The inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th president of the United States brought a shift in foreign relations and diplomacy that had been lost during the eight-year term of republican President George W. Bush and centuries of imperialism. In the multifaceted realm of foreign policy, President Obama maintains a diplomatic attitude that is far less aggressive, accusatory, and conservative in comparison to previous policy. While the current president has been accused of being weak and anti-American, his work to mend relationships with countries and resolve conflict with direct communication have proven to be extremely successful in redeeming the United Stares’ global influence.
Direct Diplomacy involves communication between two separate bodies. When observing President Obama’s policies direct diplomacy must be described on the international level. According to the U.S Department of state, diplomacy can be described as “a complex and often challenging practice of fostering relationships around the world in order to resolve issues and advance interests”. Direct diplomacy…

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