The Idealism Of Raising A ' Genderless Child ' Essay

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Genderless Children The idealism of raising a ‘genderless child’ is both baffling and controversial. However, this is exactly what the Stocker family of Toronto is accomplishing. Having already raised two sons in a manner in which the boys both decide what gender they are perceived by others to possess, it is no surprise that the parents of these children are pursuing an even more contentious approach- not revealing the sex of their third child at all. The child, named Storm, is being raised in a gender neutral manner- no pink or blue colors, and gender neutral outfits and toys- until he (or she) is able to decide for himself. The Stockers’ decision has become a social outrage of sorts and has created an abundance of controversy throughout the world. Although many may argue that the parents are damaging the psychological health of their child, taking this sociological approach exposes Storm to the benefits of a ‘pro-choice’ lifestyle. It allows the child to exercise his or her right to self-identification. Raising a child without a gender may be viewed as stripping someone of their identity. However, people identify themselves according to what others think of them. If others do not possess substantial evidence to develop an opinion of someone, they are not able to criticize that person based solely on their gender. A concept as inventive as a genderless child prevents gender socialization- the process of learning the social expectations and attitudes associated with…

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