The Ideal Worker Has No Responsibilities Outside Of Work Essay

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(Aguilar, 2012) Suggests that the ideal work is a perceptually available, which is the idea that the ideal worker has no responsibilities outside of work and prioritises work above all else. (Aguilar, 2012) Also argues that the lives of the modern day worker has evolved with time however societies view on work has not which in turn has resulted In tension between the employers social lives and work expectations. Others such as (Acker, 1990) suggest that an ideal worker has expectations and norms which are associated with certain occupations that build images of abstract, gender neutral workers that have no obligations outside the work place. According to this statement the ideal worker will have no obligations outside of work which would allow the ideal work to achieve an occupational task to its full potential. An ideal worker can be defined as an individual who can adhere to requirements of a job and perform exceptionally. Without the distraction of out of work obligations.

The occupation that I have chosen is a Drain Layer. A drain layer is an individual whom fits, installs and repairs drainage within the boundary of one’s property. I have chosen to use this occupation for this assignment as Drain Layers are in need in quake damaged areas in New Zealand. According to (, 2015) Plumbers, Gas fitters and Drain layers are in high demand in areas such as Christchurch as a result of the devastating earthquakes which destroyed much of…

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