The Ideal Of Being Vegetarian Essay

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The ideal of being vegetarian has always existed. From the minute as a young child when we find out that the chicken we eat is actually the animal chicken, something registers in our minds, I want to be vegetarian. While most people don’t actually stick with it, there are the people who do with one of them being Jonathon Safran Foer. In his article, “Against Meat”, he explains his lifetime story of his dedication to vegetarianism and the events that took place to help him genuinely become a vegetarian. He begins with stories from when he was a child and first found out about where meat came from and how he struggled between being vegetarian and not being one throughout multiple years until he got older and changes in his life made him decide that he would become dedicated to that lifestyle. Throughout his personal story and anecdotes, he raises the question is being vegetarian better than being a meat eater when it comes to helping our environment and ourselves? Outside research expands on Foer’s article “Against Meat” to reveal that the vegetarianism lifestyle has benefits to not only ourselves but our environment as well.
In her work, “Vegetarian or Omnivore: The Environmental Implications of Diet” author Tamar Haspel states that both vegetarianism and meat eating have their ups and downs. More specifically, Haspel asserts that eating meats has its benefits to not only us but our environment while Foer claims the environment is being hurt through factory farming because…

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