The Ideal Mother Is The Most Important Factor Of The Well Being And Development Of A Child

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The Ideal Mother A mother is arguably the most important factor in the well-being and development of a child. Children getting the constant love and nurturing a mother gives is crucial during the first few years of life, when the child is most impressionable. This being said, it is easier for a mother who stays at home with her children to offer the necessary amounts of love and care versus one who is working throughout the week. Mothers who choose to stay-at-home with their child rather than working has the opportunity to form a stronger bond with their child by spending more time together, be able to maintain a cleaner home with nicer meals consistently, and enjoy the appreciation that their child will give in the later years, knowing that their mother raised them instead of a daycare of babysitter. This is why the stay-at-home mom is better than the working mom. When a mother is away from their child to work, that is taking valuable bonding time away from the two. Having that strong parental foundation from a mom who stays with their child can give the child a sense of security, knowing that their mom is there for them. Not only that, the mom could use the first few years of development to teach the child basic skills, like learning how to count and sing their ABC 's. The child could also help their mom around the house, bettering their motor skills and knowledge of chores. Doing these activities could make for an intelligent, confident toddler when they finally go to…

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