The Ideal Characteristics Of A Perfect Man Essay

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The ideal characteristics of a ‘perfect man’ constructed in sports advertising are weighted to support certain discourses of how men should be, or how they should aspire to be. In the NIKE Football television advert, we see how gender roles are played out within the context of a sports field. The way the characters are positioned within this space provides an example of the social rules related to the performance of gender that manage this space. Masculine power, both physical and social, is valued as a trait that boys should aspire to and should possess in order to properly execute their own performance of gender. The contrast between this and the way women are positioned in the advert (as purely sexual beings for men to compete over) shows the sports field as a masculine environment, primarily for those men that embody the traits of powerful or correct masculinity.
For this essay I will draw upon the work of scholars such as Vivian Burr and Dr Brett Nicholls to define discourse and ideology. Nicholls defines ideology generally as the framework that we use to understand the social world surrounding us. It is often unconscious, and manifests itself through specific discourses within different topics (Nicholls, 2013). A discourse, as defined in Burr’s work, is a “set of meanings, metaphors, representations, images, stories, statements and so on that in some way together produce a particular version of events,” (Burr, 1995, pg. 48). In the context of this analysis, the event…

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