The Idea Of Universal Design For Learning Essay example

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The idea of universal design (UD) has been around for a while, however, the use of UD within the education system (universal design for learning [UDL]) has been a topic of interest within the last couple of years. I wanted to see whether research has been done to show new or different ideas within UD that could be used to improve the educational system for both students with and without disabilities, and if so, how would the people in charge be able to implement UDL. Most of the journal articles that were researched agreed that there is room for improvement, however, most disagreed with how to make the improvements. The journals within the bibliography below examine what each author believes is the right way to make those improvements.

ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY Vitelli, Edward M. "Universal Design for Learning: Are We Teaching It to Preservice General Education Teachers?" Journal of Special Education Technology 30.3 (2015): 166-78. Print.

This article, published within the Journal of Special Education (a journal that provides up to date information special education), discusses the issue of teacher preparation programs and if universal design is being taught to them in a way they can implement it into their classes. Vitelli conveys the need to have trained and prepared teachers to meet the new larger size of students with disabilities within a general education classroom. Undertaking this research means that the school board will have a beginning framework as well as a…

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