The Idea Of Trinity Has Been An Ideological Anomaly For Many Christians Around The World

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The idea of trinity has been an ideological anomaly for many Christians around the world. It is not a Christian idea; Trinities of gods existed in other cultures as well, including, but not limited to, those of Siberia, Persia, Japan, Scandinavia, and Mexico. In Rome they were Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto. In Babylonia and Assyria, they were Anos, lllinos, and Aos. Among Celtic nations they were called Kriosan, Biosena, and Siva, and in Germanic nations they were called Thor, Wodan, and Fricco. We can see, therefore, that although the Trinity is characteristic of the Christian religion, it is by no means peculiar to it. Since Christian is a monotheistic religion, this idea further bugles the minds of its believers, testing their dedication to the Christian faith. This doctrine holds firmly that while God is fully one, God is also three: God the father, Christ the Son and The Holy Spirit. This is the idea that became the focal point of its believers. The lack of understanding of the Trinitarian Concept has been the major stumbling block among some Christian Churches; thus, the source of untold suffering as they have battled throughout the centuries in defense of what they thought was the "Truth”. How can God be one while has three different distinctions? These three characterization of God perhaps cannot exist without that central figure, God. If God do not exist, then there will not be Father, Son and Holy Spirit. There has to be that one mighty existence that can emanate…

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