The Idea Of The Existence Of A Supreme Essay

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The idea of the existence of a supreme being has persisted through many centuries. Whether God is an idea of something or thing depends on the level of piousness of the individual. An individual who shows a dutiful spirit of reverence for God may acknowledge God as more than an idea of something. This individual may see God as a living powerful being who is the sole creator of the universe. An individual who does not acknowledge God as a supreme being may think of God as a mere idea. This brings us to the idea that because God exist, he must have been the creator of mankind. God as the creator of mankind brings about the issue of whether or not this idea is completely right or wrong.
The view that God created man is not necessarily wrong, but it is the desire of man for factual evidence to support this view that makes it difficult to comprehend. For someone who believes in God, there is no doubt that God created man because it is what he or she solely believes in. The assurance that there is a supreme being who is in control of the universe is enough evidence that God created man. Meanwhile for someone who seeks further evidence, God is not the creator of man. They may refer to other theories that provide factual evidence about the existence of man and the creator, such as the idea that man created God or a supreme being.
The idea of man creating God is not a persuasive one. This idea is analogous to the idea of whether the chicken or the egg came first. Many…

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