The Idea Of Positivism Is Bogus? Essay

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Q: Why does Young (2011) in his article think the idea of positivism is bogus?
Jock Young (2011) provides a critique of positivism being used to research particular areas in the social sciences and in particular, criminology . Positivism is a method that assumes. Positivism is a method that assumes that deviants are different to normal people so called and then tries to research deviancy through the causes of crime and types of deviancy. Young argued that the method of positivism is very scientific in that it can reduce human behaviour down to a static and factual science. Young suggested that using this approach in criminology it assumes people are forced to commit crime by deficiencies in society and that people have no free will . This approach as Young put it positivism studies criminology from a scientific perspective similar to that of biology and physics were like the sciences this suggests that events or actions occur due to the natural laws of science, for example as force = Kinetic energy as hydrogen combusts with heat . Young argued the approach of positivism suggests deviants are different from normal everyday people, then seeks to find what exactly is different, then to attempt to tackle these problems. This method clearly puts cause and effect categories as reasons for offending but does not consider humans emotional states or intentions. Eyesnecks theory was…

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