The Idea Of Overman In Nietzsche's Will To Power

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Nietzsche idea of "the overman" is one of the most significant concept in his

thinking. In his Will to Power excerpts, he doesn’t mention the term ”the overman”

as much in the excerpt, he does give various characteristic to the term. (i.e page 276,

columns 997­999) making it more than obvious vision on how a man should be more

than just human ­all­ too­ human, regardless if he was one or not. All these ideas had

been pondered on and developed though all his works. This, more or less, reveals

much about the way Nietzsche saw life. This essay will attempt on seeing through,

as much as possible, the idea of overman by Nietzsche and life from the point of

view of an overman.

An overman, as described by in the excerpts, is the one who is willing to risk all

for the sake of
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In Nietzsche’s view, an overman should be able to affect history. He should

keep re-­entering the world through other people’s minds and affect their thoughts

and values. Napoleon, who is highly admired by Nietzsche, may be seen as an

example. What he did during his rule as emperor and military leader affected how Europe is

today. This idea agrees with another of his most significant ideas, the will­ to ­power.

Although it is hard to say exactly what he meant by that term, it can be described as

something to which underlies how human thinks, behaves, and acts under any

circumstance. He believes that a human being is always in a constant struggle to satisfy

his/her own desire. A living thing always seeks to display its strength to survive.

Sometimes this results in violent behavior which according to Nietzsche, goes hand to

hand to the nature of men. However, the way to will can be different. My

interpretation would then be that an overman uses the will­ to­ power to dominate the

thoughts of others from generation to generation. In this way, his existence and

power lives on even after

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