Essay On Frederick Douglass And Whiteness

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The average amount of words a first grader knows according to PBS states, “At the end of first grade, children typically know at least 150….(1).” To use this quote as reference, most slaves back almost did not know two hundred most slaves and especially did not have the knowledge or capability to read and write. Another way to think of this is that most slaves did not know one hundred and fifty words. Luckily, Frederick Douglass, unlike most slaves, was able to know the read, write, and spell. During this time, a slave to have the knowledge to learn the basics to read, write, and spell was illegal. This was seen as a threat to American citizens, especially slave-owners, which can be assumed this might have been an intellectual threat. With …show more content…
In this passage, Douglass demonstrates the idea of individual freedom is seen as a privilege, but should be right. Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States, had an ideal, or theory of intelligence between white and black individuals. This is known as the whiteness, or the white race, was capable of achieving the life of mind. The life of mind is the when one achieves to reach reasoning and imagination. Whiteness is the key concept of achieving the the life of mind. On the other hand, darkness, or black race, is the life of body. This would mean one can only reach the life of the body, or sensation. Jefferson mentions the black race, or slaves, are not able to reach the life of the body. This terminology of whiteness and blackness is called racialized, or racialism. The ideal of racialism was apparent throughout all of Frederick Douglass’ narrative, but particular when he discussed his Sabbath school. Even though is whether offensive and discrimating to the black community, this motivated slaves to want to be educated and reach the life of the mind. During the slave period, it was illegal to teach a slave to read and write. Fortunately, Douglass was thankful to be taught such skills by one of his

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