The Idea Of Genetically Modified Foods Essay

1669 Words Feb 15th, 2016 7 Pages
The idea of genetically modified foods tends to conjure images of grotesquely deformed animals, cancers, tumors, and organ failure, flashes of clinical laboratories, safety goggles and pipettes, white mice running amok in cages, scientists fiddling with petri dishes and stashing alien-like organisms into freezers. The phrases “GMOs,” “genetically modified organisms,” or “genetically modified foods” are enough to strike fear into the hearts of environmentalists, organic shoppers, and everyday consumers across America. But why? Why has the average consumer become so horrified, so disgusted and concerned by the idea of eating genetically modified food that these are the images that come to mind? If the images were closer to the truth, thinking of GMOs would make people smile as they envisioned wide plains of wheat that survived a famine and can still provide for hundreds of families that depend on it for food and money, hungry children getting enough food to fill themselves for the first time in years, and malnourished people finally getting the vitamins that they have been lacking for so long. As one author on Forbes points out, “There have been more than 2,000 studies documenting that biotechnology does not pose an unusual threat to humans health”— so where has the misconception come from that GMOs are harmful and something to avoid, rather than the beneficiaries to society that they are? (Entine). The answer is a menagerie of misquoted, misinterpreted, misunderstood, and…

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