Essay on The Idea Of Collaboration And The Ideas From The Book

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The idea of “collaboration” and the ideas present in the book can help solve the technical, technological and social ingenuity gaps. At the beginning of the book, the author explain that they can solve the social ingenuity gap, but the last chapter that we had focused on (which was “Techno-Hubris”), the author mainly discussed issues on the technical and the technological ingenuity gaps. As we looked further in the book, the author give us valid examples of each ingenuity gap that make his views coincide those of the Clay Shirky. The link between these two concepts are that the ingenuity gap would be easier to solve if not only we follow what the author said, but also add in what Shirky said. To start off, Homer-Dixon clearly out lines that the technical and technological ingenuity gap are only a couple of reasons why are Ingenuity Gap is so wide, and why it is growing to this day. The author makes note that if we change only a couple of factors in our society, then it would help reduce this ingenuity gap slightly. These factors are the following: - We should have a emergent properties effect on the way we try to understand the world’s natural phenomena. - The rate of scientific discoveries can increase if we reduce the complexity of the particular fields. - The rate of scientifically progress decreasing due the the lack of modern technology that without it being updated, can’t make any scientific discoveries. - Lastly, the economic and political institution…

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