The Iceman Essay

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Ice Man – Elmore Leonard 2012

The title “Ice Man” can be referred to a person we meet in the short story. His is called for “iceman”, but his real name is Darryl Harris. The Iceman works for “immigration and Customs Enforcement”. He is a white man who is racists, we can see that the way he treats the Indian boys. He seems like a cold man as his nickname “ICE”

The short story takes place in the US and it is about Victor and his friends Nachee and Billy Cosa.
Victor loves to ride bulls and he is very good at it. When Victor turns twenty he wins 4,000 dollars at the All - Indian National Rodeo in Palm Springs. After that Victor and his friends - Nachee and Billy Cosa, decides to celebrate his rides at the bar where they drinks some
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The guys are proud Indian guys.

The conflict between Victor and the Iceman is about discrimination. The Iceman behave racist when he all the time watching the three boys in the bar. The Iceman works for the “Immigration and Customs Enforcement” (10), where he takes “illegal aliens to prison” (10). It is maybe the reason he has the courage to provoke the Indian boys. The Iceman threaten Victor to accuse him for “Drunk and disorderly” (11), unless he shows an ID that show he is “old enough” (11) to drink.
The Iceman trying to entertain himself by irritates the Indian boys, who are at the bar to celebrate Victor. The Iceman wants to see the boys ID, but the boys do not have their ID on them. They don’t carried about it, because they are American citizens. They way Victor and his Indian friends acts is normal. They being discriminated and treated differently in their own country. The Iceman seems to be a cold white man like “ICE”. He acting like his behavior is normal and treats the boys like that, just because “they are being Indians” (12). He doesn’t see his behavior wrong and also says “what’s wrong with that” (12). Since America is a free country should all be treated equal. There should not be such a racist people like The Iceman who works for the public authorities.

In the short story “Iceman”, we see the three Indian boys who are being treated unfairly by the Iceman. This also happens in real life. There are many people who have been

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