Essay about The Ice Cream Producing Factories

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Creamy Chill Creamy chill is one of Canada’s best ice cream producing factories. We are located in Toronto, Ottawa, Waterloo, Montreal and headquartered in Mississauga Ontario. For the year 2015, we authorised a total of 100,000 shares and issued 75,000 shares to the public. We specialise in the production of ice cream and yogurt We produce different flavours and types of ice cream and other food products. Some of our ice creams are organic and is good for the health. Our products give our customers something to look forward to.

For over 25 years, we have been known for our nutritious and flavored ice creams which is made to be suitable for people of all health status. In 2015 alone, we have produced and sold over 50,000 ice creams of different flavors; French vanilla, butter pecan, cotton candy, caramel and lots more. Our Ice cream flavors are loved and appreciated by our customers. Before launching a new product into the market, we run it through our customers to ensure that they are okay with whatever flavor or type of ice cream we decide to produce.
In the current year we were faced with a lot of competition from upspringing ice cream producing factories.However, to continue being among the best, we have decided that in 2016, we would increase production by producing juices, and pastries

Chairman’s Report
Dear shareholders,
Time and again, creamy chill is seen as a high consumer brand emphasizing the fact that our standard of offering…

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