The IDIC Model Of Customer Relationship Management

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) refers to the business strategy and information technology used by company to manage and interact with customers, analyse customers’ data throughout the customer lifecycle, in order to improve and maintain long-term relationships with customers as well as improve the profitability of company (Margaret Rouse, 2014). Understanding customers and their expectations and offering them valuable services and products can be the important elements in CRM for business to success among the competitors.
Peppers and Rogers has developed an alternative process for a business to build and manage relationships with their valuable customers. This process is known as IDIC model of customer relationship management and it
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Company shall adapt some aspect of customer’s behaviour to tailor the products that fulfil their needs and value in order to build long-term relationships with customers. Through the interactions with customers, company will able to find out their customer’s preferences and habits which help in customization. For instance, Secret Recipe differentiate customers according to their lifestyle and introduce new menu which offers vegetarian food for the customer who is more concerning in healthy lifestyle and also the vegetarian customers (Greece Kok, 2015). Customization plays a significant role in retain the loyalty of the …show more content…
Instead, there are a few suggestion of improvement that can help AIA to strengthen their relationships with the customers. Firstly, AIA need to understand Malaysia’s diverse make-up to make sure that the products and services offered are relevant. AIA have to identify their customers and gather much information about different cultures such as what are the insurance needs of customers, where are they, what languages should be communicate with the customers and etc. This enable AIA to know more about the customers’ habits and preferences. Since the information collected may become out-of-date through time, AIA must verify and update their customers’ information regularly. Besides, AIA can set up a standardized platform for communication between their internal team and customers. This can reduce the calls that customers received from various sources for the same issue which may increase customer dissatisfaction towards the company. AIA shall implement integrated customer services process to enable the staff respond quickly to various requests from customers. For example, they can allocate the request types into enquiry, complaints, requests and feedback. Furthermore, AIA can interact with customers by sending birthday card to the existing customers or birthday wishes to them through SMS or e-mail. This help the company to gain loyalty of customers and also maintain

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