Essay on The I Tell You About Cattle Drives

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William was happy to see the crew ride in. He could always spot his friend with his big fancy hat. He never knew his name, but he liked him, with, or without a name. In the distance, he saw him waving. Will waved back and waited for him to dismount.

The tall Mexican, slid from the saddle, and getting down, walked up to Will. “Buenos Noches.”

To William, this person was the epitome of what a cowboy should be, and he had every intention of modeling himself after him.

“Having a good day?” Will asked, with childish enthusiasm.

“What did I tell you about cattle drives? There’s no fun in them, mi hejo. It’s just a lot of hard miles with dust in your face…how about your day?”

Will shuffled up next to his friend, and took the reins of his horse. He was getting tired of just being a cook’s hand. All he could dream of was riding out with the other cowboys, even if it was just dust and dirt and bellowing cows. He just wanted to be one of them.

“Oh, mine was the same. But, tomorrow you get to go to town. At least that is better than peeling potatoes and sorting beans.” Will complained.

The Mexican smiled at the freckled faced boy. He liked him, and spent the day thinking of ways to get Goodsby to allow him take the kid into town with him. He figured Goodsby wouldn’t care much. After all, there were no meals to make for the crew, being the crew would be celebrating it up in town for a few days. And, when he presented the idea to Will, Will didn’t know…

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