The I Live With Tiffany P Essay example

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Being the youngest in the Sober Living, I live at, it’s like I have six moms and/or older sisters. All of the women have inspired me with their recovery and learning a new way of life, as so am I. One of the ladies I live with Tiffany P. (for anonymity reasons can’t write her full name; she is in a 12 Step program as I am) is a Hawaii-born lady, straight from Honolulu, Hawaii. The reason why I’m writing about her and not the other five ladies, is because our story starts in Acton Rehab almost nine months ago. We both learned how to live clean, and trust me it’s not rainbows and unicorns, but, it’s a journey we both take still to this day together in our sober living. I look up to her and she guides me in the right direction because there is not easy way to life. As the book and others in the program have said, “If it uncomfortable, you’re doing something right”.
Tiffany, born Oct 1, 1966, in Oahu, Honolulu Hawaii. Pilipino, Hawaiian, Chinese, Spanish, and English, a very diverse woman of races and you can see each and every one of them getting to know her. Her Philippine accent comes out usually when she mad or when she is cooking in her kitchen, as in don’t go in her kitchen while cleaning. Also her Hawaiian sayings are always the best words of wisdom. Living most of her life in Hawaii, she landed in California in June of 2015, where her life changed. Last year on her birthday she was court ordered to an outpatient program, so she decided that she was ready to get clean…

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