Essay on The I Had Never Been More Scared Coming Into A College Class

1178 Words Apr 26th, 2016 null Page
I had never been more scared coming into a college class. Horror stories about English 250 had filled my ears and consumed my brain. They would say, "professors never give a grade higher than a C." Or, "prepare yourself for failure." I wasn 't sure if I was ready for this stress, and contemplated waiting another semester just to put this class off. Not only did I decide to believe everyone, I also knew my English background wasn 't strong, so I mentally prepared myself for a horrendous semester. Somehow, luckily, I was completely mistaken. I couldn 't thank you enough for everything you have taught me this semester whether it be an English topic, a teaching style, or just how to be a good person. I am forever grateful for this. As I mentioned before, my writing background isn 't strong, but you made me feel as if it was. Along with this, you took the class at a great pace by starting to teach from the beginning, as if none of us had a strong background. I truly appreciated this. My biggest fear and challenge coming into English 250 was public speaking. I also think this is an area I have grown in. I found out at the beginning of the semester there would be two presentations, one for the visual rhetorical analysis, and one for the documented essay. I tried my best with the visual rhetorical analysis speech, and ended up scoring well. I learned a lot about what I should do and what I shouldn 't do from watching other people 's presentations. This helped me immensely to…

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