The I Flew By Tom Sawyer Essays

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My frequent trips to the eerily quiet school library started almost ten years ago, in my first grade class with Mrs. Yenser. Thick paperback novels, controversial science fiction, doomsday utopian societies, sappy romances, and even an educational biography every once in a while were some of my best friends throughout my elementary age. I flew through Tom Sawyer, the Alex Rider series, To Kill a Mockingbird, and several dozen other intriguing reads. Knowing I had become hooked on reading, many of my friends, family, and acquaintances thought that my odd addiction would never go away. Sometimes, I cruised through several a week and even stayed up until two or three o’clock in the morning to feed my ravenous hunger for more knowledge. Reading wasn’t only a pastime for me; it emerged as a way of life. Despite my early love of reading, when I hit the middle school years my passion faded as my reading level skyrocketed. My sixth grade year proved fairly simple; I rather enjoyed the reading groups we were placed in despite the common dislike most of our class had for the teacher. I recall reading The Wave like it was just yesterday. With recent history classes and my increased awareness about the facts of life as a growing child, I showed interest in the Second World War and, after some prompting, realized that the novel had been crafted as a direct allegory for the Nazis. Feeding off the idea that someone could exist so sinister yet so charming as Hitler, the things that people…

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