The Hurried Child Provides An Eye Opening Reality That We Are Adults

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The Hurried Child provides an eye opening reality that we as adults place a huge about of responsibilities on young children that aren’t ready to deal with the challenges. Children are losing their childhood due to society. Chapter one indicates that we are treating our children like miniature adults. Elkind’s states, “Today’s pressures on middle-class children go grow up fast begins in early childhood. Chief among them is the pressure for early intellectual attainment, deriving from a change perception of precocity” (p. 6). I must agree with Elkind’s as I witness the amount of pressure placed on student’s by parents as well as teachers to grow up fact and be responsible not only for information taught in the classroom but to be able to do exceptionally well on test, keep up with personal belonging, be still with touching things for a long period of time. Children in early grades such as Pre-kindergarten through first grade tend to want to make the adult happy. They try exceptionally hard to follow the rules, be quiet, and perform well on test. However, I think we fail to see the stress we place on them until they begin to display behaviors. From a personal perspective, I have seen young students break down crying because they felt as if it wasn’t okay to make a mistake or get an answer wrong. I have spoken with several of my parents about working with their students and making sure that they aren’t putting pressure on the child to feel like they have to be perfect. It is…

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