Essay The Hunger Of The World

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Some people in America witness the disposal of edible food. One may have seen their friends throw away half of their uneaten food in the trash at school or see their parents dispose the fast food that’s about a week old. These scenarios are considered food waste and this is one of the main problems that America faces. If this problem continues, eventually, “in forty years when you order a pizza from Domino’s, they’ll just deliver it straight to the nearest dumpster” (“Last Week Tonight”). There is tons of food that are wasted despite the fact that there are Americans suffering from hunger. Hunger is an issue where it affects the family and education. It has many negative health effects and could endanger the next generation. Of the 34 million people that went hungry in 2000, 13 million of them were children (Rust). Because the children will be the next generation, the suffering of starvation would affect them physically and emotionally. Most mothers hate to see their own children grow up with a scarce amount of food and it breaks their heart. They want to let their children have a better life and not suffer like they are right now. Since there is no food available, children are distracted when they go to school. If the teachers wanted to help out the family, he/she would probably purchase food that are not healthy such as chips and candies because healthy products are expensive. Imagining a whole box filled with junk food, it’s no wonder that “incidence of diabetes and…

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