The Hunger Of A Healthy Diet Essay

1425 Words Feb 1st, 2016 null Page
Growing up, every day that my mother would pick my brother and me up from school, we would fantasize about the possibility that on that day, when we got home, I would walk to the pantry and he to the fridge and upon collective opening of those doors, would find a plethora of snacks and candies that would fill our bellies, leaving us sugar-riddled and satisfied. Yet, upon reaching our respective destinations, those doors would swing open and our hearts would sink upon finding only various jars and bowls of nuts and seeds, dried fruits and chopped veggies; the exact opposite of what two hunger-stricken teenagers were looking to eat. That is, until my mom would somehow create the most delicious meals for us out of what we once thought were completely unappetizing ingredients. I remember watching in awe as she carefully chose the pieces of our meal, explaining to me the important role each one played in a healthy diet. I became fascinated with the idea that merely consuming the correct foods could make me stronger, happier, and more invigorated for the day ahead. I saw the opposite of this too, as my friends who were fed processed, microwavable meals throughout the day were unable to keep their energy up, being exhausted and malnourished by the end of the day, just to repeat the cycle again.
As I have grown older, I see this constant cycle on a much larger basis. Families feeding their children poorly, who grow to feed their next generation the same; never allowing…

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