The Hunger Games Trilogy Essays

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Hannah Hirschhorn
The trilogy of The Hunger Games written by Suzanne Collins, focuses on a country that is being controlled by an oppressive government and the people who are fighting against it for their freedom. Although the odds are against the rebels, they continue to combat tyranny at the risk of their own lives. The story takes place in the not too distant future in a country called Panem, which represents the United States. The Capitol, which is the center of the national government, is a brutal and very advanced metropolis, exercises political and physical control over the entire nation of Panem. One of the methods used by the government is the annual lethal “Hunger Games.” The main character, Katniss Everdeen is
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District 13 is believed to be uninhabited, with the ruins still smoldering from the toxic bombs. However, at the end of Catching Fire, Katniss learns that District 13 is being used as a base for the new rebellion. In Mockingjay, it is revealed that District 13 was never destroyed, but that they moved underground due to a non-aggression pact with the Capitol. District 13 is developing and manufacturing new types of weaponry based upon what have been captured during the fight with the Capitol.
The districts are not allowed to interact with one another. Their main form of interaction is through the Hunger Games; therefore, the people who are able to organize any sort of revolution are the victors. Victors are tributes who have won by surviving the previous Hunger Games; they receive income and housing from the Capitol for life. The victors have the ability to execute their plan by using the Games themselves to broadcast the rebellion. In Catching Fire, the tributes all join hands on camera showing unity between the districts. This action was the spark that brought the districts and citizens into a War against the Capitol.
Another instance of communication among the districts is brought about in the third book of the trilogy, Mockingjay. The rebels use mass media propaganda during the annual Hunger Games to get their message

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